I’m Emily and this is my story:

Before I was helping others use, learn, and love technology, I was the one avoiding all that. In college I studied theater and literature. My first career role after college was at Random House publishers, where I dealt in paper, not technology. In fact, in some ways I actively avoided data and technology.

But I was looking for something more, and I started volunteering with lots of small non-profits in my city (NYC) and saw that they had really amazing and big missions, but not necessarily the tools and resources they needed to make major moves towards those missions. I also saw that I had time and passion to give to these organizations, but not the skills that would contribute to more efficient and effective impact.

So I went out looking for those skills and accidentally stumbled upon data and technology. There was a lot of impact being enhanced with these tools and I wanted to know more. Without any practical experience and only selling my ability to learn and work hard, I applied to data and technology roles at non-profit organizations and was honored to get a role at Teach For America. Then I spent hours and hours and hours and hours trying to learn and use the spreadsheets and tech systems that I was suddenly in charge of. I was frustrated and exhausted, until I started to key into some mindsets and new approaches to technology issues and opportunities.

After I embraced those mindsets, my technical learning and skills was 10x’d - I started to pick up on how to learn and use my technology so much faster, I could do my work better and faster, and I was starting to enjoy teaching the mindsets and skills to my co-workers, friends, and anyone else who would listen.

That’s how I got here to speaking with you!